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Published June 29, 2019

Episode 007: Sip of Sunshine and the Brothers Holloway

It’s episode 7 and we invite the co-owners (and brothers) of Paul Bunyan Fitness in Newtown Square, Ryan and Michael Holloway. We just celebrated 6 years of the gym being opened and Mike and Ryan help us relive a lot of the great and funny moments. We get into why they decided to open the gym in the first place and how it became Paul Bunyan.

In this episode, we traverse thru naming the gym to Ryan’s basement. During the traversing, Mike talks about his favorite beers from Vermont to Ireland (maybe not so much Ireland). We briefly touch on Crohn’s disease and its effects on beer drinking. Chaz thankfully keeps Gene on topic as he takes this episode on a terribly wild ride. We close it down with the Jack’s Hard cider and Sip of Sunshine reviews and our thoughts about where Paul Bunyan will be in another 6 years.

0:41 Shout out to our sponsor Tavour. We got our first

1:03 Our Mission statement

1:49 Introducing the “sexy side of Ryan”.

2:18 This is the first episode where we sample TWO different beers (sort of). Chaz explains.

4:55 Why should Hershey sponsor this podcast?

5:00 Learn a little about Arctic Buzz, the new vodka infused ice cream.

5:50 The Sip of Sunshine story.

6:58 We start to discuss where the name “Paul Bunyan” came from and Gene claims longest standing member status.

7:45 Ryan recaps Gene’s first visit to the gym.

8:44 “What made you open the place?”

11:42 Mike discusses Josh McKinley’s starting to workout with the OG’s of Crossfit.

13:00 How many people ACTUALLY worked out in Ryan’s basement is still a mystery.

15:45 Mike gives a shout out to “one of the best guys around”, Patrick Holloway.

17:32 “Are you Paul?”

18:56 What does Michael love about the gym?

21:22 Gene tries to convince Mike to get Arctic Buzz sponsor our new podcast where he and I do P90x on video. With headbands.

22:25 Mike and Gene discuss the pants-less attorney.

26:40 Untapp’d review and discussion

27:45 Does a 10 exist or is it a unicorn?

28:40 Find out Mike’s favorite beer to drink and its IBUs.

32:40 Cans are making a huge comeback. Why?

36:40 Mike gives a shout out to Randy Gerber.

38:20 Ryan loves the intro and asks for the FULL version of the song from SL from Repeat Offenders (Shawn Jacks).

40:45 Ryan indicates that beer is better for you than water, after a marathon. Did he just make that up?

41:55 We should put beer in the vending machine.

42:10 Chaz brings us back to actually rate the beers.

42:45 Sexy voice Cider reviews.

46:00 Mike would rather lick cardboard than drink this beer.

52:09 Where do Ryan and Mike see Paul Bunyan in 6 years from now.

55:15 Is there a Barbells and Brews Café in the near future?

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