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Published May 24, 2019

Ep 006 Neshaminy Hef and Recap

It’s episode 6 already! We’re excited to go solo this episode and recap how the show has been and what we’ve enjoyed so far! We start out by introducing our Brewery today which is Neshaminy Creek Brewing. The brewery resides in Croydon PA and supplies the area with amazing beers, one of which we’ll be trying on the show. The beer is called Highwater Hefeweizen. This is a wheat beer with hints of clove and banana. Gene is the judge on the beer for the show today and he rates it well! After beer we discuss some beer related news and then turn into a completely different direction and discuss a controversy surrounding Castor Semenya. Castor is an olympic sprinter for South Africa and was denied competing by the governing body only to appeal the decision and lose.

The controversy is discussed at length and we want to be clear in stating that we’re not medical professionals and have basic knowledge about the issue at hand. We do, however, have opinions about it and we share those with a little help with our medical expert Cara who keeps us on the factual side of the science. In the end we rate the beer and enjoy it all while coming to some conclusions of our own. Thanks to Neshaminy Creek Brewing for the amazing brew! Also thanks to Tavour our amazing sponsor and thanks to Paul Bunyan Fitness for the place to talk!


2:00 They don’t speak Mexican in Mexico

4:00 Tavour is coming! The shipment is in!

5:00 Neshaminy Creek Brewing is today’s brewery

7:30 Recap on the last 5 episodes

10:00 Dogfish Head being bought out by Sam Adams

15:00 Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company’s: Highwater Hefeweizen

19:00 Discussing the Castor Semenya Story

23:00 IOC ruling and Gene’s reaction

29:00 Cara enters to discussion

29:00 Gene rates the beer

37:00 Gene Chaz and Cara dig deeper into the controversy

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