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Published May 7, 2019

Ep 005 Negro Modelo and Cinco de Cara

We’re back! In this episode Gene plays therapist and referee as we welcome Cara, who is a physician assistant and also Chaz’s wife. The group discusses Cara’s distaste for beer and also what she prefers to drink. They go on to talk about her health and fitness journey and what she believes should be the standard for medical professionals.
The beer of the week is Modelo Negro and in honor of Cinco de Mayo they decided to take the cerveza route! Modelo Negro is a mexican lager that has a darker color and slightly bitter undertones. After sampling the beer and watching Cara’s face after she drinks it (she hated it), the gang discusses about some varying health topics. We’re so thankful to our amazing sponsor Tavour for giving our guests a discount! Please download their app and order some beer! Also thanks to our music guy for the dope intro. Special thanks to Cara for coming on the show and talking with us! Cheers to your health and fitness.


2:00 Gene and Chaz discuss choosing the beer this week

5:00 Chaz introduces his Cara to the show

6:00 Cara discusses her dislike of beer

7:00 The gang discusses resting bitch face

9:00 Cara discusses her fitness journey and then goes on to debate Gene on why its a very popular sport21:00 Gene talks about a funny story while judging Chris in the Open

14:00 Gene talks about beer: Modelo Negro which is a Mexican lager developed by Modelo Beer Company

16:00 Cara talks about how her and Chaz met and then dated in college

18:00Worrying about health issues vs ignoring them

25:00 Gene and chaz witness Cara taste the beer of the week

30:00 Cara talks about her love of sweet alcoholic drinks

35:00 What makes Cara feel the strongest and healthiest?

36:00 The group talks about Orange Theory and why it works

45:00 Health information: Cholesterol and Fats

50:00 Plant based Diets; Cara and Chaz talk about their decision to go that route

55:00 Review and give us those 5 stars!!

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