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Published April 4, 2019

003 Have you ever seen a fat lion?

In this episode Gene and Chaz discuss food and nutrition but with a more personal touch. Gene discusses his journey from being overweight to losing that weight and improving everything in between. The star beer is from Ommegang Brewery in Cooperstown, NY. This saison has a refreshing champagne like taste with a smooth finish. With this the guys discuss what IBUs are and how they apply to the taste of a beer. After some drinking Gene finishes telling his journey but not without a few laughs and criticisms from Chaz about some of the diets out there today. They discuss what the paleo diet is and also why challenges can be rewarding or detrimental depending on the person. They finish with a great question for the audience. “Have you ever seen a fat lion?” This question should peak interest of anyone who is stuck in their weight loss journey and want to understand what it takes to get there.


3:00 Gene discusses the Phantom Vibrate

4:00 Gene and Chaz discuss Ommegang Brewery and the Brew of The Show

6:00 They talk about Gene’s health and fitness journey

12:00 Gene and Chaz compare their “oh shit” moments

13:30 Gene pops early

15:30 They explain what IBUs are and how that details the beer

17:30 The Beer: Ommegang Saison is discussed

22:20 Rating: 7.3/10

24:00 Back to Gene’s journey

27:00 Paleo diets are discussed

31:00 Chaz and Gene talk diets and why they work and don’t work

38:00 Gene restates how important it is to understand how you felt when you were at a healthy weight vs being overweight or obese

45:00 Have you ever seen a fat lion?

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