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Published March 26, 2019

002 Duchesse and the Jillian Michaels Controversy

Welcome back! For the second show we talked about a personal favorite beer of Gene’s. This beer comes from Belgium and it’s called the Duchesse de Bourgogne and its by Brouwerij Verhaeghe. This Flemish sour ale has a strong red colour with a very tame bite at the end. The guys go on to build their rating system and what factors into it. The inaugural rating started very high at a staggering 9.0. Shout out to Whole Foods for the hook up!

After a few sips the guys talk about The Open and Crossfit specifically. They mention what the last workout was and why in the world it was worth doing. Gene and Chaz discuss why its so important to start competing with yourself rather than the person next to you. Next, they speak on the current Jillian Michaels controversy regarding her critique of Crossfit to which differing views are made on why she said what she said. After a healthy debate, the guys decide to bring it back saying fitness experts in all different modalities should be having conversations rather than being critical of each other.

Shout out to Paul Bunyan Fitness as always for bring a gracious host. Thanks to SL of Repeat Offenders for the fire intro. Thanks for Whole Foods for the beer!


1:00 Chaz is cloudy post wod

2:35 Presenting Duchesse de Bourgogne by Brouwerij Verhaeghe, The Beer of The Show

5:00 Chaz speaks on 19.5 about what it is and what the workout was

9:50 Chaz speaks on why The Open and Crossfit is good “if” you’re competing against yourself

13:00 Rating system and rating Duchesse

15:00 Does buyability play into rating a beer?

16:00 Following on Untappd, on Google Play and Apple Store

18:00 Speaking about Jillian Michaels and her comments about Crossfit

21:00 Why did she decide to make those comments.

25:00 What will be the future of Crossfit as a fitness movement


  1. Marc Trackman Marc Trackman

    Sharon and I have just listened to your show and we enjoyed it. I can learn about beer and finally know what I’m talking about.

    • bandb bandb

      Excellent, my friend! We are glad to have you on board. Thanks!

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