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Published March 9, 2019

001 We Workout to Drink The Beers

There are a ton of fitness and wellness podcasts out there. But none really get to the point about why we sweat so much. It’s to drink the beers and eat all the food! Chaz and Gene bring a new view of health into the picture and do so all while drinking a beer. Gene, a multimedia marketing guru and beer connoisseur brings his expertise along with Chaz, a fitness specialist and coach to discuss hot topics weekly.

Chaz and Gene start each show by discussing their featured brew and where they got it. Each brew is given a drinking profile and details on its brewers. This week’s inaugural podcast brew is Conshohocken Brewery’s Mr. Robusto. This American porter is deliciously malty and has a great roasted aftertaste. Conshohocken Brewing Company sports five locations in the Philadelphia area and has amazing range. In this episode Chaz and gene discuss why they started the podcast and go on to talk about the current Crossfit Open and its presents in their gym. They discuss why the open is important and also discuss why they follow the Crossfit Model. Gene, speaking as a member, discusses why he decided to do Crossfit and how it’s not for everyone but anyone can do it. Chaz, speaking as a coach and industry specialist talks about why Crossfit can be the source of wellness for those that commit to it. They both go on to talk about their own individual journeys with weight issues and how Crossfit has helped them get to where they are now.

Thank you to Paul Bunyan Crossfit for allowing us to take up space to talk. It’s an amazing gym with even more amazing people. Thanks to SL of Repeat Offenders for writing a dope song that could easily be a chart topper. Shout out to Conshohocken Brewing Company for the amazing beers.


2:00 Why we are doing this podcast

4:15 Explaining the Crossfit Open and Why we do crossfit

7:20 Gene plus Conshohocken Brewing Company

8:54 Gene shouts out Mr. Robusto and goes over the profile

12:00 Why Fitness Works but Community and Fitness Works Best

14:00 Personal Weight Loss Stories

18:45 Chaz explains his path to health and fitness

26:30 Body Image and Self care

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